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The Weird Outsiders - Serotonin

The music scene of the new 20s is ruled by the heterogeneity of styles and the overwhelming amount of bands imposed by the “randomisation” of Spotify or YouTube. In a sea of rhythms and music platforms, it is getting harder and harder to be an 'undergrounder' and to find a unique sound.

Among all the truly unlabeled amateur bands, The Weird Outsiders (T.W.O.) should be highlighted. Harmonic disorienting sounds of multiple guitars, some of which run in reverse or distorted to the category of noise, accompanied by trumpets and other blown sounds, all framed into vintage structures that emerge from a futuristic-style middle east of the 19th century. From traditional acoustic guitar anthems to psychedelic bright rock, all in one song. Hypnotic sounds that one wish could last longer; an instrumental pleasant new wave.

Seratonin, their first single, starts with drum swings followed by a song-lasting guitar scratch that immerses the listener into a conversation among other two (or more) guitars that narrate a fluorescent story; a journey into the creation of monoamine neurotransmitters by the human body as a consequence of overcoming misadventures, disgraces and fear generated by the chaos of the repetition, scale, smells, pace and rhythm of urban daily life. Like their music, the video is a powerful amateurly-generated product that responds to the nature and capacity of the band.

As far as we know, The Weird Outsiders (T.W.O.) are @jimenezmorenopablo and @waseem.albahri ; and that an LP is coming out by the end of April, which you should be able to find in the commonly used music platforms. So now, it is your opportunity to be one of the first listeners, a pioneer of a rising flame, a godfather of the godfather of the heirs to the throne.

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