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Mark Naik: Corona virus diary, Central London, 17-20th March 2020

Mark Naik is a London based street photographer. His ongoing project is called "Intrusions".

The photographs are a series of compact events intruding into the fear, stress, anxiety, loneliness, and the lust of big city life.

"The instantaneous feeling that forms between the subject and me is the energy of my photographs.

"They are the result of the short and subtle interaction between two strangers on the street. It’s not an intellectual process; it’s intuition.

"Whilst now, I’ve been challenged to reinvent my approach. My rangefinder used to be permanently set to 1.2 meters.

"Now, as I adhere to the guidance, I’m forced to be further away. There’s a clear separation between me and the subjects.

"I began sharing my photographs daily, as this project is a diary, relevant to all of us."

To see more of Mark’s work, please visit his Instagram.

All photographs in this series are taken in accordance with government social distancing guidelines.

- Regent Street, 17th March

- Regent Street, 17th March

- Newport Street, 20th March

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