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Mark Naik: Corona Virus Diary, 25th March

Mark Naik is a London based street photographer. His ongoing project is called "Intrusions".

To see more of Mark’s work, please visit his Instagram, or read our previous article.

All photographs in this series are taken in accordance with government social distancing guidelines.

Oxford Street

"Oxford Street, which normally has half a million visitors a day, was deserted two days after the Prime Minister told us we were to stay at home except for some limited purposes."

Coventry Street

"We're allowed to leave home to exercise. I take a walk everyday and usually bring a camera with me."

Leicester Square

"We're allowed to leave home to shop for basic necessities."

Seven Dials

"I was expecting a post-apocalyptic feeling in the streets of central London but it just feels quiet and peaceful. That's allowing me to notice the previously unnoticed and aprecate London's beauty."

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