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Human Error - In the Kitchen

- NGMA and Deo de Madman, aka Human Error

In anticipation of their upcoming live single release on Friday 8th May 2020, we would like to introduce you to Human Error.

The duo have been making music together as far back as 2005, as NGMA states, "when I was 9 and my bro was 13."

"We actually recently discovered our first ever track that we recorded in 2005", says NGMA with a candid smile, "it was pretty jokes actually - where I say 'I'm a rapper that's nine and my fans go insane'".

The duo has clearly been working hard for the last fifteen years, and their new single is playful with tight drum beats, overlaid with a smooth rhythm and crisp rhymes.

Up until this year, the brothers were separated by distance for the best part part of ten years, with Deo de Madman moving to London and NGMA to Glasgow and Switzerland.

Both are now living in London, and it has become much easier to work together on their first EP, Vicious Circles, that has been sitting, waiting to be completed for several years.

Being in the same city finally allowed them to orchestrate a coherent campaign to properly and officially release the EP (due to come out fully in the next few months).

The first single which the duo launched was back in December 2019 and is entitled 'Human Error in the Kitchen'.

This song was born initially as a promo jingle to sell their unusual merchandise. The duo had released branded pasta for one of their gigs.

This was a couple of years ago at the Cafe Cairo in Brixton, where they gave cooking lessons to their followers on instagram in the form of rhyming verse.

Following this, the duo were inspired to turn this into a song. It features the unqualified culinary musings of an Italo-Cockney barber named Luca Bergonzi.

Bergonzi is given life in the form of a puppet and has since become the image and brand ambassador for the single.

In keeping with their Cafe Cairo roots, Human Errors continue to sell merchandise at their gigs, including tortellini, which comes with the caveat:

"Boil these bad boys for 2-3 minutes, anytime longer and your pasta will taste English".

Catch the livestream Friday 8th May 2020 from 20:00-21:00 - Facebook Event

- NGMA and Deo de Madman, aka Human Error

Find the song on Spotify.

To find out more about Human Error at: Spotify, Instagram, Soundcloud and Discogs.

Photo credit: Ryan Whitwell and George Hughes.

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