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Hasan Cenktas: The Island of Copper Albums

Cenkas is an architect based in London. His ongoing project, The Island of Copper Albums, are a collection of film photographs from his recent trips to the island of Cyprus.

Turk Mahellesi (2019)

I took this photo in the Turkish quarter in Limassol; though technically not the Turkish quarter anymore, a large portion of my family are from here and that is what this neighbourhood was referred to back in the day.

No one in my family has lived here since 1974, but it was nice to see the apartment buildings they spent their youth in.

We had a lovely conversation with Maria, of Maria's Frame Shop. Though she hadn't seen him in several decades, she recognised my uncle and remembered playing with him when they were children.

Bahce (2019)

This is a photo of my grandfather's brothers home. When me and my sister were children, we had accidentally fed all of his poor chickens insect poison thinking it was chicken feed during a family visit.

Of course, we had no idea what we had done until my mother got a phone call from her uncle a couple of hours later asking why all of his chickens were dead.

Cross Roads (2018)

My parents are quite loyal to a certain bakery (Narin's Bakery) at a crossroads in what seems like the middle of nowhere (though it is just a 20 minute drive outside of Famagusta).

Narin is famous for her kurabiye. Kurabiye is a type of biscuit which is traditionally given to guests at weddings and engagement parties.

I took this photo when we drove there specifically to pick up some kurabiye for my engagement party.

Driveway in Aytuma (2019)

Aytuma is a small, remote mountainside village in Cyprus. We made a stop here last summer; it's the village my grandfather was born in.

It has windy pebbled streets, astonishing vistas of the island, colourfully painted doorways, arches and windows and semi private courtyards with big bushes to pick jasmine from.

He hasn't returned to see it since the war in 1974. God willing, we'd like to take him to see the scenes of his childhood next summer.

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