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Fradama - By the shore

Fradama is an Aberdeenshire based musician. Having played piano since he was 8, he has recently been working on a series of relaxing/ambient piano tracks, of which By the Shore is his most recent.

This is a gentle, piano-led track with a soft, undulating feel, made richer with peaceful synths that provide a calm backdrop to support the meandering melodies of the piano.

When composing, Fradama tried to keep in mind the image of waves gently lapping up against the shore and repeatedly transitioned the harmonies between two pairs of chords to create a rhythmic, repetitive sound that mirrors this imagery.

Fradama is keen to use ‘funky’ and unusual harmonies to help express complex emotions and ideas, differentiating himself from much of the contemporary music scene which he believes can be boxed in by commercial objectives.

As Fradama develops in his craft, he is keen to experiment further with synths to express more nuanced ideas, before branching out into further genres as he deepens in his practice.

By the Shore is now available on all major streaming platforms as well as music stores, check out the Spotify link here: By the Shore, a song by Fradama.

For all further enquiries about the artist’s music, please email fradama@protonmail.com

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