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even mind - Struktursuche (WIP)

“Being a practicing architect, I think in terms of organising matter within space permanently. Making music, I feel the intangible and transient nature of everything. To me, both realms a part of an even mind.”

even mind is a long practising musician, having played the cello from the age of six.

Despite not being overly passionate about this instrument, he identifies this as “a decisive step for developing my understanding and feel for music”.

In his teenage year, he shifted away from the cello, to the piano “which really opened up the realms of music for me, especially in terms of improvisation.”

With a wry smile he admits that it was not until he was in his ‘20s that he began to appreciate electronic music, stating that he saw it as “not actually being music”.

However, upon discovering the genre, he became enamoured with its endless timbral possibilities and its high energy capacity.

His past work in electronic music is varied, from melodic solos, to experimental soundscapes and to tracks driven solely by rhythm.

In 2010, at the age of 20, even mind started producing electronic music on his computer.

Eventually he was able to gather small-sized hardware electronic instruments (first samplers then, later drum machines and synthesizers), which restored the feel of a tactile instrument.

In 2018, even mind ditched the computer for producing music so that he could focus more closely on improvisation as opposed to arrangement.

Now, in 2020, he has begun to transition back from pure improvisation to composition.

With Struktursuche (German: search for structure), even mind seeks to set out what he terms “more of a composition than a jam, bringing more structure to my music and creating a coherent cycle of self-contained parts.”

The Anarchist Milk Collective are exceptionally grateful to even mind for allowing us to share this excerpt from his ongoing work.

To see more of even mind’s work, please visit even the artist’s soundcloud.

“To describe my music, I cannot find a better genre than space which isn't a genre really.”

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