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Clovis Schlumberger: All inboxed

I am French-American, I mostly grew up between Paris and Los Angeles. After high school, I was admitted in “Ecole des Beaux Arts” in Paris, where I experimented with figuration, animation and installations.

The Covid-19 related mandatory confinement in Paris was issued on March 16. With permission to leave our home for only one hour per day, we all spend most of our time indoors.

To keep my sanity inside my very tiny studio in the 18th district, I decided to document my reclusive life and the strangely growing importance of monotonous tasks, with one drawing a day.

I started this series in thoughts of the neighboring residences that all have the same type of housing.

Presented as a light humorous journal, I am hoping these drawings can gather us in our isolation.

To view more of Clovis’ work, please visit his website.

- Clovis Schlumberger

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