The Anarchist Milk Collective

The Anarchist Milk Collective supports and promotes the work of fellow artists. We offer a space to share ideas, meet like minded people and celebrate creativity.

The Collective is committed to the creative arts. Our mission is to encourage all artists in their creative process, allowing them to deepen in their practice and develop their craft.


No idea is too crazy, no artist too naive. If you believe in your work, we believe in you.

If you would like to submit your work to be promoted through the Anarchist Milk Collective, please email info@anarchistmilkcollective.com


The Anarchist Milk Collective gets it's name from philosopher Max Stirner who, in 1800s Bayreuth, established a pioneering and daring anarchist milk collective. 

The project was an unmitigated disaster, however many of the ideas developed in Stirner's thinking have become common practice in the dairy industry.

For us, the story is a reminder to dream big dreams and embrace their failure, for it is only by doing that we learn. No where is this more true than in the arts.

The Collective

Claude Pink

2019 - present.

The words, character and forethought.

Musky Klimpton

2019 - present.

The lines, delays and hindsight.

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